Documentary embroderie in Mercado La Merced

Bordado documental en el Centro Histórico/ Documental Embroideriyat Historical Downtown.
Vahida Ramujkić and Dejan Došljak.
September-November 2016.

Participative research that develops through a technique of documental embroidery whose objective is the representation and self-representation of social realities of neighborhoods that are characterized by certain degree of complexity or internal conflicts. This technique consists on the installation of editorial offices of documental embroidery in different locations of the Historical Downtown neighborhoods, to host the workshops and talk about stories and main problems of the areas. Slowly, with thread and needle, they created a moment of social encounter through the handcraft of a traditional, simple and easily made, textile. The result was a tapestry built from many perspectives that involved a great variety of participants that inhabit, transit, or work in the neighborhood. The tapestry had itinerant exhibitions on the different locations of the Historical Downtown where it was produced.

The Office of Documental Embroidery worked previously in Cairo, Belgrade, Barcelona, Jerusalem and Warsaw, amongst others.

Vahida Ramujkić
Belgrade, Serbia, 1973.
Since 1998 and until 2007, she resided in Barcelona were, along with Laia Sadurni, founded the collective Rotorrr, that uses as a vehicle to investigate urban changes on local, national and international levels. Hers are long-term processes that spin around research on mechanisms used to build communitarian identities, as well as the possibilities of to build common narratives as tools of political subjectivation. Among her most outstanding projects we can name: Histories in Dispute, Documental Embroidery, Micro-cultures and Indivisible, Inalienable.

Dejan Došljak
Belgrade, 1972.
He studied at the Academia Real de Bellas Artes (Koninklijke Academie voor Schone Kunsten) in Antwerp, Belgium. He has been designing costumes professionally since 1997. Has taken part in numerous projects that go from opera to performances and artistic installations. He has collaborated with the artistic group ŠKART in their project (ne) potrebno / (un) necessary (2007), and with Swedish artist Lisa Jeannin in the projects/video installations The Crossing (2005), GGG&G (2008), Solve et coagula (2015) and The Medical Wheel (2015). Since 2012 he collaborates with artists Vahida Ramujkic and Aviv Kruglanski developing the technique and project Documental Embroidery. He is member of the Serbian artists association.