Motions: Artistic Production Seminars. Casa Vecina, among other activities, develops this curatorial program that seeks to strengthen the link between information, knowledge and contemporary artistic practices. As part of its name says –Artistic Production Seminars- it uses a mixed format: on one hand we have a 3 to 4 sessions seminar, and on the other one, the artistic production that comes out of the information or knowledge acquired at the seminar. The seminars are provided by specialists on each subject, while young artists, art students or young people with an artistic urge to express them selves, are summoned as participants. The Seminar works as a trigger in order to generate artistic proposals; the best two proposals for each subject, are selected in order to be produced by Casa Vecina’s Curatorial team in joint work with the author.

This curatorial line attains to involve young people (artists or not) in artwork production, actions, installations or other artistic means that meet, discuss and transform a variety of themes that are relevant issues of our time, nationally or internationally speaking.

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