Microurbanism CH researches, diagnoses and acts based on the detection of particular actions, activities and dynamics of the immediate context of Mexico’s City Historical Center, from the urban, architectural and cultural points of view. It explores the narrative of the inhabitants and of the collective imaginaries of the Center with the accurate purpose of influencing or exercising analytical and critical thinking, taking it into justified practice-actions whose real and tangible results attain to generate benefits for the inhabitants in their different locations and at particular scales.

The activities are developed in the shape of workshops with a multidisciplinary team that analyzes and diagnoses in situ, with scale models, diagrams, drafts and intervened maps, everything under constant experimentation-action, generating proposals that activate reflections and set out alternative ways of action, directly affecting the quality of social life of an specific context.

None of these activities could be done without the valuable participation and support of the Social Service and Professional Practices providers, thanks to whom these can be put into practice.