Coser Salón los Ángeles

Coser/ SEW
Tania Solomonoff
February-May 2015


From the literal and metaphorical notion of the verb sew (sew, stitch up or mend the borders), the choreographer investigates the exchange of knowledges and popular practices of the body at the Historical Downtown. In this sense, her interests points out to classes imparted at saloons, studies and gyms nearby Casa Vecina.

In broad strokes, “Sew” seeks to unite, adjoin, superimpose, entwine, or just contemplate the grupal movement and the body that dances.

This residency has as an objective to investigate how the popular-urban dance class turns into a social space of communication, expression, exchange of knowledge and transformation of a quotidian reality, and conjugate various artistic formats: the body in movement, video, photography and written text.

As part of her in field research and her work “A Brief Attemp of the Corporal Archives of Movement,” Solomonof orchested two classes-parties in the public space (May 8, in front of Casa Vecina, and May 9 at the Atrio of San Francisco). The classes were given by invited teachers that participated on the abovementioned research.

Sew closed up with an exhibition at Casa Vecina on May 14 at 19 hrs.


Tania Solomonoff

Scenic and body artist that works on an interdisciplinar way focusing on corporal and aesthetic research around the processes of creation, identity and collective memory. She has received a number of awards and distinctions throughout 15 years of artistic work in different countries, amongst which we can mention: the artistic residency “INTERPOLACION” at the Centro de Creación del Cuerpo y el Movimiento GRANER, Barcelona, Spain, 2014. The grant IBERESCEBA, Argentina, 2012. The Tokio Wonder Site aknowledgment from the Instituto de Arte Contemporáneo e Intercambio Cultural de Japón at the Inner Geographies/Crossing Paths 2007 event. Recipient of FONCA in 5 ocassions in the programms: Encuentro de Artes Escénicas 2013, Creadores Escénicos 2006 y 2010, Residencias específicas 2007 and Coinversiones 2004.